Fair Housing Toolkit

Images of the five toolkit sections.When we first thought about how we could engage people of faith to effectively advocate for fair housing through this initiative, we realized that a guide about fair housing, past and present, did not exist. Therefore, we created this Fair Housing Toolkit to assist diverse faith communities to promote fair housing and create more open, welcoming, equitable, and inclusive communities.

This toolkit can be used as an educational resource about our nation’s history of segregation, current fair housing issues, and fair housing rights.  The toolkit also identifies way in which people of faith can become more involved in promoting fair housing.  Our hope is that this toolkit will empower diverse faith communities to help us build the beloved community.

We will add more content to the toolkit as we learn about additional resources and tool that could aid religious congregations and faith communities to advocate for fair housing.  We will also be translating this toolkit into Spanish and Mandarin later this year. Please be sure to check this page over time to get access to these additional resources.

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For individual sections of the Fair Housing Toolkit:


Fair Housing History公平住房历史Historia de la Vivienda JustaFair Housing Rights公平住房权利Derechos de Vivienda JustaEducational Tools教育工具Herramientas EducativasAdvocacy倡议Defensa